Treatment –

Constipation, which is the basic reason of anorectal diseases is usually treated with changes in diatary habits & ayurvedic medicines.

In superficial fissures ayurvedic treatment is very effective, in deep fissures & sphincter spasm patient need to be treated under anaesthesia relieving sphincter muscle spasm.

In case of piles & fistulae treatment usually depend upon the stage of the disease & condition of the patient.

First stage internal piles can be conserved with ayurvedic drugs along with dietary restrictions.

For 2, 3, 4th stage internal piles & fistulae however the treatment done in the hospital is simple, non surgical, Ayurvedic Kshar sutra treatment which is 100% safe.


About Kshar Sutra – It is an Ayurvedic therapy. It is very popular in India and considered to be the safest and the most successful method of treatment for piles & Fistula.
Kshar sutras are herbal setons made from various Salts and Alkaline herbs. The kshar used usually vary from disease to disease in terms of composition & concentration. The kshar sutra used for piles are different than used in fistulae.

– No Hospitalisation,
– No cutting,
– No daily dressings,
– Comparatively low cost of the treatment.

Benefits Of Treatment
– No Recurrence,
– No Incontinence,
– No post – treatment complications,
– Patient can walk after hours of treatment.