Amar Shewale, ( Pimpri )
February 9, 2017
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Shrimant Katkar, ( Pimple Saudagar )

I am 47 yrs old. Six years back I faced a problem of perianal abscess. Initially I consulted a well known surgeon. He examined me and advised to drain it. I got admitted and get the draining done. After two months the abscess recurred. This time I got worried. On consultation he told me about the recurrence of the abscess. I came out of the hospital & started searching for permanent cure. In the process the abscess got complicated forming fistula. At last while searching on Internet I got the details of Dr. Kaushik Navale. I took appointment and met him. First he relaxed me and gave assurance about the kshar sutra treatment. I prepared myself for the treatment. I underwent kshar sutra treatment. It took about 8-9 settings to recover. (one setting per week) I was quite happy as I need not required to hospitalize. Without spending much I recovered totally. Thanks to Dr. Kaushik Navale.